Hello there. Welcome to my site.  I’m glad you came by, have a seat…. would you like a blanket? I don’t know if I have anything without cat hair on it, but you’re welcome to it.

They say that you can tell a lot about a person from their tee-shirts. Here you go.


(clockwise, L to R) Luna Guitars “I am an instrument of peace” ukulele shirt, Texas State Quidditch shirt, Nasty Woman shirt, “If it involves Feminism, Social Justice, or Equality Count Me In” shirt, Empire Strikes Back sleeveless shirt, Peace shirt, I Stand with Standing Rock shirt, GAT Buno shirt

I have worn all of those to church, bee tee dubs. Because I’m like that.

What’s with the Title? Ah, I’m glad you asked about that…

A while back we were having a slow day at work, so everyone in the room decided to take a Myers-Brigg test to determine our personality types. We found a decently good test online and took the test. That’s when I found out I was one of two “introverts” in the office. My type is ISTJ, or the Logistician (the other introvert in the office was an INFP, or Mediator). Not long after we took the test, my fellow introvert retired… leaving me as the only introvert in a room full of extroverts. At home, I am equally surrounded, though my youngest flits between introvert and extrovert depending on circumstances. So what you get is someone who is quiet, action-oriented, responsible, and prefers to work in the background surrounded by people who are just the opposite.  It’s all good, though, every group needs someone to crunch the data and be the voice of reason.


Here are some of my favorite ISTJ fictional people followed by some real people:

Twilight Sparkle

Martha Jones

Aragorn son of Arathorn

Severus Snape

HRM Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II

Angela Merkel

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

Danica McKellar

Just looking at it makes me smile… but not too much.