Hello. I’m Jennifer and I’m autistic. Well… technically I have Aspergers*, but that’s on the Autism Spectrum now. I’ve only been recently diagnosed, so I’m still coming to terms with all my behavior that I once thought was wierd is actually symptomatic of my developmental disorder. Which is fine. But is in itself kind of weird. Is that ironic? Maybe we should ask Alanis Morissette. 


For the record, I’m okay with saying I’m Autisic, or that I’m Aspie, or that I have Aspergers, I’m spectrum, whatever I might use at the moment. I don’t feel like I’m broken, or need to be cured**—I just think that I’m different and people should accept me as I am. 

*it is pronounced AS-PER-JURS, not ASS-BURGER. Stop it.
**this is to say, if you HMU with Autism Speaks or anti-vax stuff? I will just walk away. You are NOT worth my time.