That Time I Did a TED Talk (part 3)

And then it was time. And I got dressed in my pretty green dress, and I wore my rainbow shoes… and put on some makeup and TINTED glasses. Brad came with me, and sat in the audience. Brit-brit mic in place, I was lead to the stage, and awaited my introduction.

And began talking.

And we had a post interview on the Texas State TEDx Instagram page while I was still flying high from the talk.

Can you tell I’m still REALLY REALLY hyped?

And… then we waited for the videos to get processed… which took a lot longer than we thought it would because of the STUPID TEXAS ICE STORM… and eventually… it was on YouTube and I shared it with everyone I thought would want to see it.

The Aftermath

Nothing huge happened.

me in the middle of schooling people.
  • I’m not internet famous.
  • I posted the video in Reddit and Discord in the Autism groups I originally polled to get some feedback, and got some good constructive criticism.
  • I didn’t “win TEDx,” nor did I get my requested audience with the First Lady.
  • I’m still working at the University.
  • I finished the JEDI (Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusivity) training and got my Mental Health First-Aid certification.
  • I also joined the Advocates for Neurodivergence at Texas State (ANTS) group as a mentor/ally (since it’s a student group) and offered my office as a “safe space,” for when people might need quiet/dark. Because I know that sometimes you need that, and we don’t have a lot of those places on a busy campus.

I put off applying for a PhD program and getting my doctorate for a year, until I figure out my life post-pandemic. But I still kind of want to do it. I really missed the research and writing. It scratches an itch in my head that I just can’t get to otherwise. Even so, I want to get at least one kid graduated from college before I start doing my own thing.

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